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What perennials can I plant where moss is growing? (7aVA)

9 years ago

Help me wise gardeners!

This is one of my north facing walls in my back yard. I was hoping to convert this area along the side of shed and around the waterspout to a garden bed. It is currently mulch/lawn/moss/weed. I have two downspouts here (need to install new splash blocks), and I have a lot of moss growing in this area... What can I plant here that will do well? Obviously other than moss and fern? Or should I work on amending soil/drainage first before expecting something to well there? If so what are my options?

Area is mostly shade with some morning sun, but it is an open shade where it gets some reflected light off the siding.

I should also note that this area has a small tree stump (ornamental plum) that was cut down because it was dead. It had a lot of what looked like lichens but not sure if it had mildews... It stopped growing and flowering and branches dried/died off past few years. I would love if garden extended to the tree stump so that we don't have to grow grass here and mow. Grass does not do well here anyways..

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