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Water and other issues with young peach tree

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

I have a peach tree that was transplanted last spring into my yard in So Cal along with several others: orange, grapefruit, apple, fig and pomegranate. No fruit last year on the peach, but this year we had an early bloom in late January and about 20-30 peaches set after trimming.

The tree is a little over 6 feet tall (and I intend to keep it around that) and gets about 7 hours of sun a day now in late March. I irrigate using the adjustable shrubber style drip emitters (see photo). Each tree gets two of them and I adjust them relative to each other so each tree gets the right amount of water.

I check the trees a lot with a moisture meter, and the peach tree always seem dry near the trunk, less so farther away. I have the adjustable emitters wides open for the peach (about 7 gallons per run), and on the lowest setting for the citrus and apple (just about .5 gallons), but they have plenty of water, while the peach is dry near the trunk the next day. Is the peach tree really that thirsty relative to the other fruit trees?

Perhaps relatedly, I've notice some spots forming on the leaves. Picture attached. Any thoughts on that?

I spray weekly with a mixture of the following:

Insecticidal soap

Neem oil



BS for disease control

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