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Pocket door questions

9 years ago

I am considering a butler's pantry/scullery addition to a kitchen. It will be a pass through type room. The doors will mostly be open, unless I have guests. My kitchen is open to the rest of the house and this will give me a place to put mail, dirty dishes, iphone, trash, etc. I would like to install pocket doors on each end. How thin can I go? It does not have to be sound proof. Would some sort of office cubicle type door work? If I use a thin solid or hollow door, what is the thinest I can get away with for the wall? The thinner the wall, the more space for the kitchen aisle on the other side. It will actually be two pocket doors - one on each side.

- How wide can a pocket door be? Can it be up to 6 ft wide (8 ft. tall)? There is another area where I would like to open or close part of a room off (guest bedroom below):.

Thank you for any advice!

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