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New garden: Cheap raised beds or quality large planters?

8 years ago

Hi all,

Starting to plan the garden this year, which will be my first true raised bed garden. Planning on building/buying 3 or 2'x6-8' boxes/beds, at least 1' high.
Any suggestions for cheap but durable material to hold the beds? Cinderblocks/bricks? plastic edging? treated wood? I don't want to invest too much since we'll probably be on the move again in a few years, but something hopefully that will survive a few winters. I can nail things together and I do have a drill, but don't want to get into anything that requires sawing, etc. I will also have to get a lot of soil/compost to fill these things, so that will be an investment in itself.
The soil around our place is hard clay, with a lot of tree roots running around, so nothing can really go directly into the ground. Also, it's a bit uneven so will need to be leveled out somewhat. Will need something at the bottom for drainage (stones? landscaping fabric?)

Another option I'm considering, if I can get them at a good price, is to buy some good-quality premade large (wooden) planters, large enough to do veggies, but small enough to move down the road.

Any suggestions? I want to start work on it in April so it will be ready for planting early May.
If I'm going to put a lot of $ into this, I want something I can take with me down the road. If not, I can leave behind some nice beds for other future tenants to use.

Excited to have a proper garden this year!


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