Furbabies: Life, Adoptions, Surgeries, Happy Times . . . and Now Loss

6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

These past few months have been filled with many ups and downs with my furkids. In mid-December, we were gifted with our adorable Sasha. A Tibetan Spaniel from a long line of champions, who needed a forever home where she could now just be loved and a part of a family. A perfect fit for us with our older Tibbie, Chloe and rescue Dobie, Ronin.

And then in January, Ronin ate part of my embroidered semi-sheer drapes and gave himself a partial intestinal obstruction. After a couple of days stay at our wonderful vet's clinic, that was taken care of. Thankfully without surgery! In early-February, Sasha needed to go in for her spaying and teeth cleaning. While there, our vet discovered that she also had a hernia and had to repair that as well. The overnight stay there set her back quite a bit in her feeling comfortable and confident that ours was at last her forever home. Poor thing! And then Ronin started to have stomach problems again. The peristaltic motion that moves the food through him had become very sluggish, due to damage done when he ate my drapes. He's now on 4 pills a day to help with that until further notice, as attempts to wean him off of them have not worked. Two weeks ago it was time for him to have his teeth cleaned and a couple of suspicious bumps removed. It ended up with 5 lesions being taken off (all looked benign, thankfully) and 3 teeth pulled during the cleaning. Of course, him having canine hemophilia, complicated matters even more, but he made it through OK. Anyhoo, he was then in a huge cone collar for two weeks until the stitches came out. This "cone time" unfortunately coincided with DD and two of her girl friends being home here for a week over Spring Break. We all ended up with bruised backs and legs from our very friendly coned Dobie (LOL), but we love him so it was well-tolerated. I took him back this past Monday to have all his many stitches removed. Happy day for us all, as no more cone!

And the early yesterday morning, our other Tibbie, Chloe, started having difficulty breathing. I rushed her into our vet before 7AM. They did all they could to save her, but her heart just stopped. I lost my sweet ten year old "baby" around 1:15 yesterday afternoon.

We're all still pretty devastated by it, as this was so unexpected and much too soon. Ronin and Sasha are confused and stressed out, as well. They must sense that something terrible has happened to their sister. I've cancelled my appointments for today and tomorrow and am just staying home here while we try and heal some together. I can't talk about it without breaking down, but it's helping to talk/type about it here. I hope you don't mind.

I truly believe that all dogs do go to Heaven. I've always thought of them as our Earth angels, being so unconditionally loving and giving. I know that my Chloe is in a good place, but my heart still hurts a whole lot missing her.

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