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Seed Swap

7 years ago

Due to Garden Web being houzz and everybody being unhappy, somehow, maybe somebody saw our messages about our displeasure and mentioned their board too was unhappy so I am unsure but possibly I followed them to their posts and some how ended up seeing a link to a seed swap. I mailed off a box of 50 seed packets to who knows where, to an address online at a Garden Web now houzz site. Today I received 50 seed packets of various provenance for just the cost of my seeds, mailing to and return postage. 50 seed packets came tumbling out of all types of sizes and configurations with all types of normal and especially liked by me weird seed. It was great fun that had Garden Web not sold it's soul to houzz I would have never have participated in. Some seeds are really cool as I would have never thought to purchase them. At the very least I can grow weird and really cool stuff for my worms to eat this fall. So one point for houzz. Despite no capitalization or spelling normalization. I may take away one point just for that. Maybe 12 points.

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