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Total gut and demo starts Monday...what do you do for water?

Hey all! Things are starting to move on my reno...we started clearing out the kitchen last week, and are 98% moved into the living room as temporary cooking digs courtesy of some cheap IKEA freestanding cabinets and shelves we already had. I've got a portable induction hob and a countertop oven, and between that, the microwave, the crockpot, steamer, and kamado grill, I'm feeling pretty good about being able to continue cooking.

EXCEPT for plumbing...

Since the "kitchen" is now in a different room than the sink and dishwasher, I've become painfully aware of how much I depend on running water while I'm cooking. Not just to wash dishes, but washing my hands, filling water glasses, putting in pots, wiping things down, etc.

I've got two young kids and we go through a sh*#-ton of gladware in everyone's lunches. We also have a full complement of food allergies so eating out all the time is just not an option, as much as I might long for it.

We're planning on using a giant plastic bin to dump and wash dishes, and I can haul stuff up and down the stairs to the main bathroom once a day, but what do you do to meet the rest of the water needs? How do you wash your hands while you prep raw meat? ARGH!


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