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House trim, fascia, soffits, gables...oh my!

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I've posted recently regarding our house above, and siding color. It is being resided with steel (lap style) siding. I've chosen a color almost identical to the current body color shown above. We are starting by just siding the back of the home, but I have to decide if the corner trim pieces of the house, etc. will be the same color as the body, or different.

We are also having white vinyl windows installed, so I was thinking I would use off white for window trim, to hopefully not leave the windows so stark against the darkness of the house. I'm not sure how far to take that color in terms of soffit, gutters, house trim etc. There is a lot of trim in the front, and I'm not sure if off white in too many places will be too contrasty/busy or not.

I know my house isn't craftsman style or cottage, but I gravitate toward those styles. I really like those homes trimmed in white/off white, but I'm not sure how much I can get away with on my house? Right now the soffits and fascia on the sides and back of the house, are the same color as the body, but I feel like maybe it only works with the lighter trimmed front, because the trim and body color are so close. The gutters in front, need to be replaced at the same time the back is sided, since they are rusting out. This means I need to have more of a concrete idea as to eventual colors in front.

So, what would you do? Is there anyone who would want to take the time to create a mock-up? I would, but am not Photoshop literate :)

I apologize to anyone tired of seeing pictures of my house!