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I. Am. Sick. Of. This. Thing.!!!

8 years ago

I have an amaryllis bulb. It has not bloomed since it was given to me three years ago. I've done everything that you're supposed to do with them to help them bloom again.. I even planted it in my garden last year, to try and give it a boost. It's finally putting out more than two Loooooong skinny leaves at a time, but it's still not blooming. I realized I had it in a pot that was too large just a week ago... so I finally dug it up a few days ago and chopped all the leaves and roots off again and have it in a pot that is just two inches bigger all around. than the bulb that is sticking out of the soil about an inch. WHAT do I do with it??

I generally have good success with house plants... I'm not sure why this one is so stubborn. Maybe I'm messing with it too much!

Any advice would be appreciated. What kind of soil do they need? What kind of light? Do they like being outside during the summer? What kind of fertilizer? How often do they like to be watered?

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