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What Range Hood Should I Buy?

9 years ago

I have done so much research on this and read all of the threads here and looked at just about everything available online and I am still completely stumped.

I am (sort of) nearing the end of a complete remodel. I have a very open floor plan: kitchen, living, and dining is basically all one huge space with no walls in between.

I have a 48" all gas American range (see photo). I have space for a 54" range hood that needs to vent through the roof. The ceiling is 9' at that location (I have a mid century modern (flat) slanted roof).

The master bedroom is on the other side of the range wall. The living and dining areas are opposite (to the left in the attached photo).

I know that because of my range size + having an open floor plan + being concerned about noise that I need something with highish CFMs (1200 or more?). I will also need a hood that has an available chimney piece to get all the way to the ceiling.

Any recommendations on the best hood for this space? I have looked at everything and I remain so confused.

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