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Need recessed lighting advice for bathroom

9 years ago

We are doing a bathroom remodel, and want to put in 3" or 4" recessed lights in addition to the vanity lighting. The bathroom is relatively small, so the vanity lights will provide most of the light needed to illuminate the room. So the overheads are just for a little bit of reinforcement as flood lighting to add some varied lighting angle and get rid of a few shadowy areas.

The question is: should I plan the placement of the recessed lights so that they provide good coverage by themselves? If I do that, then I'm worried about the lighting being overkill when combined with the vanity lighting.

Or should I plan for good coverage with the vanity lighting included? Seems like this might work better for overall effect, but might result in weird location or uneven spacing of the recessed lights.

On a closely related note, I'm debating over whether I should put the vanity lights and recessed lighting on separate switches or not. The electrician and designer in me says definitely separate switches. But the parent in me knows that we have a hard enough time getting the kids to turn off one light switch. I'm thinking it will be impossible to get them to keep two light switches off- especially since they will be 3-way switches, so they might not go in the same direction every time. Lighting effects and different scenes/moods are not important in this room. We just want people in there to be able to see adequately. So maybe one switch is OK? I'm thinking this may have a big impact on the answer to the first question above. What do you think?

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