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Hot Water Heater Sizing and Running out of Hot Water

8 years ago

(Cross posting from Bathrooms, in case this is a better spot)

Question of the day is about my hot water heater. My house (that I've completely gutted and have been remodeling) is 3,000 sq ft, with 2 powder rooms, 1 bathroom with a tub/shower combo, and 1 bathroom with a large steam shower with two shower heads.

I also have 2 dishwashers and 4 additional sinks, if that's relevant at all (kitchen sink, bar sink, 2 prep sinks: 1 on the island, 1 in the butler's pantry). (+ sink in the laundry room and washer. I also have water-based floor heating, but I think that's heated separately?)

The two shower heads in the master bathroom shower were planned from the beginning. One is a rain shower at 2.5 GPM. The other is a handheld at 1.75 GPM.

I told my GC that I did not want to worry about running out of hot water and asked about on demand options, etc. In the end, he didn't get my approval before purchasing and installing the hot water heater (which is part of a larger issue that is a thread for another day, but it's where I am today).

I have a Triangle Tube Smart Series 60, which I understand is 58 gallons.

I was able to take a shower for the first time last week in the master shower and used both shower heads to check out the full experience. I ran completely out of hot water in 12 minutes. Which, according to my calculations is exactly right.

But is that exactly as it should be? If a family of four lived in this house, how would they have enough hot water for everyone to take a shower in the morning, even if they didn't use two shower heads? And does it make sense that my shower would be planned for two shower heads that I couldn't use at the same time without closely watching the time so I didn't have to wash conditioner out of my hair using cold water?

So, I guess I have two questions.

The first sort of doesn't matter in the scheme of things, I guess, but I still am curious. What is the right size hot water heater for a house with my specs and how should this have been approached initially?

The second is more practical: is there anything I can do now that will enable me to take long, hot, multi-shower head showers if I'm so inclined?

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