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Bathtubs WithOUT the Non Slip Strips

8 years ago

Yesterday was our first venture into a bath showroom to look for a 60x30/32" tub. Fiberglass and acrylic are out. American Standard is out. I'm pretty sure I don't want Bootzcast (from what I'm reading). I'm not familiar with it.
Cast iron is probably out due to the difficulty of navigating a 300+ lb tub into place in a 5x8 bathroom (remodel).
I really don't I have a problem with porcelain/enamal over steel as that's what we've had for over 30 years and it's worn very well (Kohler).
Needs to be 15 (possibly 16)" high. Don't like the looks of the 14" height tubs.
WHAT'S UP WITH THE NON SLIP STRIPS? The sales person said they ALL have them. She said no matter how often you clean, you can't keep those strips from getting grungy. And can't that be a bit uncomfortable on one's rear? :o
The bath showroom only told us about two tubs, the cast iron Kohler and the Bootz.
The girl "helping" us at Lowes couldn't come up with anything that wasn't AS.
Am I asking for something that doesn't exist...60x30 or 32", 15" high (possibly 16), enameled steel withOUT non slip strips.

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