What size/shape kitchen table works best for this space?

6 years ago

We are building a new home, and will need to buy a new kitchen dining set. On a daily basis we need to seat 5 – 2 adults and 3 young kids. So a table for 6 will work, but I’d like the ability to easily seat 8 when necessary as the kids grow up I imagine they’ll have friends over. Disregard the measurements for the “Nook” (12x15) because the space is actually 10x10 to contain just within the box between the stair case and centered in front of the windows (before the edge of the patio door). I’d prefer to keep the area in front of the patio door clear so keep the width eligible for a table at 10 feet, but I think we could spill a little into the walkway from the stairs into the kitchen/hearth room area. What size and shape table would you recommend would work best for this space?

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