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Onions: To Mulch or Not?

9 years ago

I put them in a hot place because it is the sandiest spot. Then, I raised them 6" to 8" high from the clay grade level. Of course, that means it's very dry. Mulching is the first solution that comes to mind since I'm hand watering and they need consistent moisture. I do have a diverse ecology and don't have any reason to think I'd have an infestation of onion-loving bugs ... or thrips. I've never seen any harm on all the abundant wild onions, here.

When I was digging the potato rows, today, I found a left-over onion beneath the heavy mulch. It was happy. Real happy and it's not the first time I've seen onions thrive under mulch protected from the afternoon sun. I'm thinking they benefit more from the organic material than just the sun block. So, now, I'm considering alternatives since I'm also fertilizing organically (mainly liquid fert: alfalfa, bunny berries and molasses).

How bad is mulch for onions in Oklahoma?

I should have plenty of chipped leaves.
I could use the prairie hay, but it would be a pain.

I'm thinking a good 1/2" of compost soil and, then, leaves?

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