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Remodeling my Kitchen - want all the input you can give me

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Hi Guys,

I have decided to remodel the kitchen of a house I just bought. 1) I don't like Cherry wood kitchens. 2) The grain on cabinets shows too much - and I hate that. I have always wanted to have linen white or antique white kitchen. 3) It's builder grade - so not much inside - hardware (slides/hinges) very cheap and crappy, no drawers inside lower cabinets, lazy susan/garbage in plastic. So would love your input on every way I can make this kitchen to be a WOW kitchen of 2015 standards. I will be buying high end appliances - Wolf and Miele.

Here's what I'm thinking so far to ask my cabinet guy:

- remove doors, get blum hinges/slides, paint everything white (after sanding, priming of course).

- Can't decide if I should change the island (it's currently thin and unproportional to kitchen. I love big islands. If I change the island size, I will have to get new granite countertop for it. Should I then make the island wood be brown and get light countertops? Should I change all countertops - they are brown with beige tones.

- Range Hood - should I keep it stainless or break cabinets next to it and get a wide custom wood one. My appliances - rangetop / double oven will be by Wolf. Dishwasher thinking to do paneled. Fridge stays the same as shown.

Can't decide if I should have molding go up to the ceiling. Cabinet guy told me if I install soft lights on top, it's ok to keep the current height. I am also thinking of doing two glass doors on each side of the windows. Can't decide if I should change all glass doors (including the current ones - to french, or to get some other rounded fancy molding on glass doors.

I welcome all your input on how to make this kitchen into a SHOWROOM DESIGNER-APPROVED kitchen. It's been my dream for 10 years to have a beautiful kitchen. Thank you so much!!!!!!!

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