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So where in Europe would you buy a vacation home?

8 years ago

DH has an itch to buy a vacation home in Europe. One day we may spend part of the year there, but until then this theoretical home will be a rental and occasional destination. Any suggestions on locations to search?

Wish lists:

  1. Not too expensive (e.g. not St. Tropez)

  2. Within 120 minutes of an airport that can reach the West Coast in 1 (maybe 2) connections under 18 hours

  3. Near water preferably, or mountains but not too cold or wet

  4. Lack of social strife with decent health care

We've been considering Costa Brava/Barcelona, Languedoc-Rousillon, Normandy, Tuscany-Umbria, Sicily, Amalfi coast, western Provence (Nimes), Andalucia (Puerto Banus and hills above Marbella), Lisbon, the Lakes Region, various Greek Islands, the Balaerics (Majorca, probably). We've been in these areas and in a few cases, already taken a scouting trip. Have yet to visit Calabria and Puglia or check out Croatia.

Any specific suggestions? Areas or cities/villages to check out?

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