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14 year old girls

8 years ago

I thought it wouldn't happen to MY daughter. LOL. She is very calm, quiet, sensible, never cries, etc. So far adolescence has been drama free. But then. She turned 14 about 6 weeks ago and I can see it coming now...the teenage girl experience. (I have two older kids, both boys.) Just the slightest bit of "oh mom, you're such a dork" attitude...still very subtle. And just within the last week, she has overreacted to stupid things -- like the fact that we didn't happen to have any glue sticks in the house (and no, this other glue is not the same and no, tape won't work). Today she had a minor hissy fit because she found out we'll be on vacation this summer when something else is going on at home. So, bottom line is, she's starting to act like a teenager. I think I can handle it because our oldest son was a nightmare -- nothing scares me any more -- but I know girls are different (having been one myself).

If you have a teenage daughter age 14+, give me your top 5 tips on dealing with the drama and/or the attitude, please! Thanks.

P.S. Part of what is going on right now is that she has a huge presentation at school on Mon. (culmination of work done since Aug., so a big deal) and she is probably stressed about that, but I also think it's just normal teenage stuff anyway.

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