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Need advice on hosting bees in our yard

9 years ago

Hi Folks

maintain a NWF-certified wildlife habitat on our property (~1/4 acre) in the
Chicago burbs which is replete with 8 birdhouses, a bat house (no users), a
butterfly house (no users), several seed and suet feeders, a birdbath with a submersible
de-icer (Allied Precision, 200W) for the winter months. I planted a lot of
native woodland plants, several prairie species and fruit and nut trees/shrubs.
So we have various birds nesting here (house wrens, chickadees, cardinals,
finches, mourning doves) during summer and several downy woodpeckers roosting
in the birdhouses during winter. Our yard attracts a lot of nifty insects too (check this out: Insects in our yard)

While this is satisfying, I want to do something for the bees
this year. Would you please give me some pointers on setting up a hive for honey bees
(not for honey but just a place for them to live & nest during the season)?
I looked up the mason bee hive setup with the cardboard tubes – do they work
well? Can I do something for bumble bees too?

Any help would be appreciated!



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