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General Contractor bid excessive?

8 years ago

I'm doing a forced remodel due to a flood and handling most of the subcontractors myself. So far it's been a difference of $40K in savings. I decided to use a GC for some small changes and basic stuff like installation. The bid came back as $57K. That's more than my entire budget of $25K out of pocket for the remodel/upgrades/and changes.

To install LED under counter lights on 2 48" stretch of counter, put in 3 plug molds, move 2 can lights, and hook up 3 pendants, the quote was $4500. All the electrical were already there previously with plugs and under counter lights.

Painting my 1000SF downstairs area was $16K.

Installing 4 appliances: fridge, double oven, d/w and rangetop was $1850 plus 15% profit. My plumber would do the rangetop for $50 because it's just slide in and hook up gas.

Ironically, I asked him to not give me an inflated bid just because I live in Newport Beach. I have had many contractors bump my bids by 3-5X after I tell them where I live.

Are these quotes high or am I out of touch with what market labor cost is. I feel like I'm being ripped off.

Hmm, while I was typing this, I got a quote from an specialized appliance installer and it was $900 vs. $2200 with the GC.

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