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Conflicting Contractors: how to anchor a shower niche shelf

8 years ago

Dear Bathroom Wizards,

We put an 18-inch wide, extra-tall niche in our new shower, planning to hold alllll of our various bottles in there on two levels. Our shower tile is 12x12, so too short to use a piece of that for a shelf, so we decided to use a section of the manufactured quartz countertop material we are using for the shower bench top as the shelf.

The tile guys did not include a slot in the sides of the niche for the quartz to slide into, telling us that we could just epoxy the quartz piece in place. Now the quartz guys are telling us that epoxy won't work, and that the tile guys should have left a slot in the sides of the niche for the quartz to slide into.

In my experience, epoxy is magical and can hold anything in any situation. However, the 2cm thickness quartz piece is pretty darn heavy, so I am a little worried about the holding power of epoxy. Anyone have any thoughts on whether epoxy will work, or any other brilliant ideas?


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