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Top Dollar And Tommie Lou

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I read that Top Dollar was one of the original 10, Blue Boy, Neptune, Admiral etc. However on the AVSA web site picture gallery, Top Dollar is a variegated. It would seem that variegated was later.

Either the photo is not Top Dollar or Top Dollar is not one of the original 10. Or am I confused about when Top Dollar and Tommie Lou were introduced.

Am I confused about the first 10 or am I confused about Tommie Lou?

Ah Ha, the lists are mixed up

The Original 10

Blue Boy, Admiral, Amethyst, Commodore, Neptune,

Norseman, Sailor Boy, Viking, Number 32 and Mermaid.


Top Dollar, Nancy Reagan, Happy Harold were all Variegated as was Tommie Lou

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