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Rose Tree Grafting Project: Hydra & Ninetails/Kurama

7 years ago

I've recently learn about the "40 fruits tree" and learn about grafting, which led to rose trees, which led me to here. This is a multi year project of course. I live in a bad neighborhood so I'm most likely going to do this indoors, o well, which is kinda of better i don't want and reduce nasty insects and pest to on this tree too. I want to make 2 Grafted trees. One using a dwarf apple tree that is brought from home depot will be called Hydra, and the other will be a random normal size apple tree that I will grow myself call Ninetails/Kurama.

Hydra: I haven't brought the tree yet because its not the right time of year yet, so they are not at my local garden shop or home depot. But when they do come, I am going to put the dwarf tree into a 32 gallon trash can in my room, so it will have a lot of contained room to grow in. Then over the course of the years, I am going to graft Red, Yellow, White, Pink, and Black Roses onto the tree, maybe even add some mini and micro roses too. If this tree won't get too big, it will probably never leave the house.

Kurama: I want to go as organic as possible on this and control almost the entire life of an apple tree so I know it hasn't been treated with some funny, so I am growing it from seeds. This too with be from a 32 Gallon trash but in the living room. I know this will take years, the little apple sprout just appeared last week and it will be a long time until it matures. Hopefully I will learn a lot from Hydra and won't repeat any mistakes. This Rose Trees will be everything Hydra is and more. Mini and Micro roses, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, and Black Roses, Mandarin Oranges, Longans, Lychees, Pears, Peaches, Lemons, Cherry blossoms and possibly many more. (Already growing Mandarin Oranges, Longans, and Lychees at the moment). My full intention is to buy a house and plant this tree into the back yard one day

Now here is a few questions:

Do you think emptying a turtle tank's dirty water onto this to be used as fertilizer is a good idea? (10-30 gallons once a month)

Both trees will be under skylight windows or should they be some where else?

Will I experience better rose growth on grafted trees since the rootstock will probably handle more NPK fertilizer better? I am always in fear of burning the roots of my rose plants in the past, so i always use half as recommend, so on the grafted trees I will use full as directed maybe more.

I know this is very general, but how big do you think an apple tree can get in a 32 Gallon Container?

For both plants, I will be having my computer exhaust pointing to them delivering them heat, is that a bad idea?

I have more question but suddenly forgot them while writing this post. I'm looking forward for some feeback! If you want, for whatever reason you can reach me at

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  • seil zone 6b MI
    7 years ago

    The first thing I'll tell you is that roses make terrible house plants. They really do hate indoor conditions. They never really get quite enough direct sunlight and the humidities in most homes is never high enough for them. And growing them indoors will not prevent insects. As a matter of fact it may attract them. Spider mites are a particular problem for roses inside.

    On to your questions:

    I can't say if the turtle tank water will be good or bad. I know fish emulsion is a good thing for roses but...

    If the skylight is the brightest spot with the most hours of daylight you have in your home than that's the best place. However, you may still need to add more light if it's not at least 6 full hours of sunshine.

    I know that apples are related to roses genetically but I have no idea how they work for grafting. Most rose growers usually use another type of root stock rose to make standards with as far as I know.

    I have no idea how big they could get but trees are not fast growers so whatever their eventual size it will take years for them to reach it.

    Warmth is fine, heat is not. It's drying and they want humidity. You may have to find some way to add humidity to the air around them. The soil should be kept moist at all times but not soggy wet.