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Favorite Cookbooks

8 years ago

In reading all the cauliflower dishes-you all have some great dishes I would love to prepare! I use Ina Garten's a lot, but would like some more healthy ideas. I am just so used to good ole' farm cooking, which is just so easy for me to fall back on because I know my family will eat it. So, I thought I would ask here to see what are your most-used cookbooks.

Lynn, I hope you especially are reading because I love your style of cooking and would love to incorporate some New Mexico dishes into mine. Even though, you have posted other kind of menus also. I would love to see or know where to find your Posole soup. Not even sure I am saying that right.

Also, many of you have posted so many good and interesting dishes and side dishes-please share!

You could also post your favorite menu if you want!

I'm in a hurry posting this, need to get to my son's school-so will leave it at this for now.

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