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Yet another L. A. thread - off the beaten path sights?

robo (z6a)
9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

Hi all,

The weather in Nova Scotia is unbearable, I have a friend doing a residence in Echo Park, and I'm considering a last minute 10 day trip to L. A.

I've never considered travelling there so I am a blank slate. Is there anything I definitely should see? (besides Hollyhock house). Top neighbourhoods to walk around?

My interests are: old/decrepit Hollywood, kitsch/americana/googie, mcm residential architecture, art especially craft and sculpture, Asian and fine food, Japanese and botanical gardens, charming neighbourhoods.

My friend is a fan of old Disney so I imagine we will end up there one day (hey, I already had the measles!). I will likely be spending most days alone exploring.

Any suggestions would be appreciated! I will likely stay in the city as I can't imagine driving (not a great city driver). Looking forward to escaping this frozen nightmare!

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