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2nd annual 'Shovel Prune' plant swap

8 years ago

Just wanted remind people to start thinking about, looking around in their garden, and seeing what they might dig up for the 2nd annual 'Shovel Prune plant swap in the Portland area. We had a lot of fun last year. Hope you can make it. Here's some details---

2nd Annual ‘Shovel Prune’

Plant Swap

17625 S.E. Foster Rd. Gresham, OR 97080

April 25, 2015

10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon

Rain or shine, gardeners gather to share and exchange plants and knowledge with all. The Shovel Prune Plant Swap is hosted at Pleasant Valley Grade School. Then main parking lot is on Richey Road just north of Foster. The site offers parking, and a small breezeway area with restrooms.

Contact: Duane Werner, cell phone: 503-784-4528

Or email him at

THIS IS HOW IT WORKS: NO SALES, Only exchanges and freebies, please. Tailgating Encouraged. The format for the trade is like a tailgate party. Traders exchange expert gardening information as well as plant materials. In two hours all the deals are sealed. We have plenty of parking. Label your plants with botanical and common names, color, height, width, etc. if possible. Pictures are also great.

FREE STUFF: The last half hour (11:30-noon) you may be able to pick up some free stuff from gardeners if they are willing to give it away. Many gardeners generously share plants from the abundance of their gardens. This is an excellent way to begin your garden and an excellent way to thin out that giant patch of Shasta Daisies, etc.

WHAT IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO TRADE: Cookies and chocolate work like money at the Shovel Prune!

Rain or shine, gardeners gather to share and exchange

plants and knowledge with all.

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