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My cat has an unknown illness! Help!!!!

7 years ago

Hi There

I have a 14 and a half year old male cat Sylvester who is currently suffering from an unknown illness.

He is a very very intelligent cat, he has been allowed outdoors whenever he feels like it and has hunted mice/birds in the past also. Here is Sylvester a year ago

Around 1 year ago he started to sit with one of his back legs facing outward - we noticed this immediately however as nothing had changed in him apart from this - we let it go. However, around 2 months ago, his condition started to deteriorate rapidly.

He now has very weak, slow back legs. He has a dip in his spine around the hip area and very thin hips. Over the past 2-3 months he has also developed a twitch which is gradually getting worse. His twitches are extremely bad whenever he starts drinking his water. He was previously a very tall, large (not overweight) but big boned cat. Bigger than a Jack Russell dog. We have been taking him back and fourth to the vet (he has had the same vet since he was born - she knows him very well) for around 3 months now.

He has been prescribed Loxicom and J/D food for arthritis. However, after multiple appointments he is now off Loxicom and taking a steroid and some Lactulose to help him go to the toilet. He has been fed only the best Hills Science Plan dry food all his life and some wet food as a treat, so he is very healthy. We take him for 3/4 walks on his lead a day (as the vet suggested that his days of venturing on his own are over) or whenever he sits by the door waiting to get out we take him a walk - this increases his appetite a bit more too and stimulates him to do the toilet.

Recently we have been feeding him cat milk and more wet food to help him go to the toilet. However when he does go to the toilet for a poo, just after he is done he falls over in his litter tray almost as if his back legs have given up. Very recently, only a few days ago he has started to have less of an appetite. He is still sipping him milk and eating one or two cubes of hard food and 1 or 2 licks of wet food but apart from that, nothing else. I cant even tempt him on his favourite treat - tuna.

The vet has checked his blood results twice, both indepth, and we have been shown the results and all vital organs and blood work are fine and in great health - except an enzyme in his liver but neither of the 4 vets at the practice seen this as any problem. He has been tested for Hyperthyroidism and kidney problems - everything came back clear. His reflexes were tested and is showing very weak reactions in his back legs. He was given an enema to help releave his bladder and get rid of some poo inside him - just incase he was blocked up inside. His anal glands were full aswell before they were releaved. He is such a clean cat and he hates going anywhere near his litter tray but if he is desperate then he knows where to go.

The vets have even giving him holistic medical help too - he has had 4 sessions of reiki which has helped him to sleep much better and walk a little better whereas before his twitching was keeping him awake all night and at one point he scared himself in his sleep because of a large twitch.

We cannot put him under anaesthetic for X-Rays as he is actually allergic to anaesthetic and 5/6 years ago he had a tumour between his shoulder blades and after surgery he almost didn't wake up and come out of it. Our vet does not want to risk this again even though medicine has moved on. We trust our vet and is the only one who knows him well enough to make any judgement. however just to be sure, like you would with your own health, we have seeked the opinion of 2 other vets too.

Tonight a vet is coming to perform acupuncture on him to see if this will help him at all and on Monday he is getting another session of acupuncture and also an ultrasound to see if this will show anything whatsoever - at this point we will try everything we possible can to help our wee boy.

We think this might be neurological however we don't know if this would cause his back legs to be as weak as they are. One vet also agreed that this could possibly be neurological. The nearest Neurological clinic for animals is 4 hours away in Glasgow (I live in the Aberdeenshire area of Scotland). We would take him here but think it could be too stressful a journey for him. But if needs must, it will be done to help him. However we have tried out best to get information from them.

Could this be a slipped disc? or trapped nerves? A viral tumour?? Its not just 'old age' which some vets have put it down too. I refuse to believe that. His mind is still very active and old age doesn't just deteriorate the body like the way his has deteriorated.

Any help would be very very much appreciated - any treatment suggestions would also be appreciated - no matter the cost. Money is no object when it comes to the life of our Sylvester. Although he is on steroids and pain relief and medicine to help him go to the toilet and relax his nerves - we feel he isn't actually being treated for anything at the moment.

Im sorry for the long post, I am just at a dead end as to how to help him?

Thank you

Rachel x

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