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Custom build house plans feedback please!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

This is my husband and I's second custom build with a high-end builder in our city. We built our "forever home" and found that "forever" meant about 8 years before we wanted a change in lifestyle.

When we sold our previous house we ran into some problems with design decisions we made for us alone. For our second go at designing a house we are trying to balance what we want/need while thinking about resale if we once again decide to move.

My husband and I work the majority of the time at home and will be hopefully be joined by a little one in the next couple years. Having 2 offices and an awesome kitchen are must haves. Our plan is to use one of the bedrooms as an office.

I am looking for feedback in terms of room sizes and what we have included or should have included. We will have a fully finished basement that walks out onto our sloped ravine lot. The back of the house faces south west. Deck and balcony will probably change/move.

This house will be a contemporary/MCM/open living flat roofed house for urban professionals who like to cook and entertain. Right now the square footage is just shy of 2800 - we were hoping for around 2500 sq ft. This build will be on the higher end of the budget scale for our city.

I have included our site plan and you can see that we have basically pushed our house out as much as possible without introducing weird angles.

Thanks for any feedback!

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