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step by step on how to create vegetable garden sucession plan!!!

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I post this another thread but thought it need it's own thread.

for those who bit confused with how i worded these steps

I will include diagrams detailing each step after step 2 by using a vegetable garden planning form i created for garden planning.

step 1. look up you number days of your growing season.
step 2. look up your last spring frost date and first fall date.
step 3. create 52 week flow chart by weeks or 5 day increments that equal number days in step 1(5 day increment just make math and flow chart easier work with)
step 4. put line down flow chart where the season starts, the season end and where frost dates are.
step 5. map out you garden planting area and divide it into numbered sections

step 6. get list of vegetable and when they can be planted in you area in relation to frost date.

step 7. get chart for seed germination times of various vegetables

step 8. make list of vegetable you want grow and there DTM (day to
maturity)add few buffer days to the DTM number also add the number in
step 7
step 9. over lay the info you gain from step 6,7,8 over the flow chart you made in step 4
step 10. then mark out the secessions worked in step 8 in number sections of planting map you created in step 5.

step 11 follow you plan remember start your seed at correct date in
relation to frost so the plants ready to transplant at correct time for
secession plan.


  1. if plants do not produce a harvest by the time next plant has go
    into that location you did add leave enough days for germination, use the correct DTM and add enough buffer days. But you need remove
    the plants that do not produce a harvest so you can keep the plan on schedule.
  1. it takes bit practice to get a good succession plan.
  2. before commuting to your succession remember to double check all your math.

this is bit bare bones method of how to plan you vegetable succession
plantings correctly but cover all important parts of doing it.

ttfn for now.

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