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Ruby cut to clear bowl set - help with identification

9 years ago

A while ago I bought this set of four ruby glass bowls at a thrift store. No manufacturer's marks at all. I researched on the Internet for any clues to its provenance but no success. Nothing reasonably similar on or Ebay.

If it is a really old set, then the ruby glass is of good quality: no fading, very little scratching, no cracks or flaking. The color is perfectly even. The pedestals are hollow inside. What puzzles me is the cutting job: the lines are somewhat crooked and pattern details are misaligned.

I have a ruby cut to clear glass salad bowl which my mom got new in

  1. The glass is of similar color, but the pattern is cut perfectly,
    no crooked lines or misaligned details. That bowl is definitely factory
    made, and the pattern is machine-cut.

Could this set be some amateur glassmaker's hand-cutting work?

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