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Lighting Help for Small Kitchen

9 years ago
last modified: 9 years ago

I'd like to have some feedback on a kitchen lighting plan. I'm attaching a doctored-up floor plan and hope it's helpful.

In my kitchen, I have had a ceiling fan light, 30" diameter, and a light above the sink. With my new kitchen, I want to add recessed lighting as well as undercabinet lighting.

What do you think of the ceiling lighting in the plan? The location of the ceiling fan (which I'm not changing) is "F" in the plan. It's about 37" out from the over-stove cabinet, and 40" out from the over-refrig cabinet. It may as well have a light.

For recessed lighting, I'm considering placing where all of the "O"s are at a maximum. A consultant suggested the "O" location on the left and a location in between the two "O"s on the right, and suggested 5" cans (ceiling height is 8'). She thought two would be enough. For more symmetry, I could do 3, but would rather save the money ($150) if the third is not needed.

I am also showing where the DR fixture is located - about 6' out from the cabinets. Too close for pendants over the small peninsula.

The recessed lights I'm showing are midway between the stove/sink wall uppers and the beginning of the refrigerator upper/line extended from that (per designer recommendation). That puts them about 16" out from the 12.5" uppers. I think OK?

Because the kitchen is so small (7.5' wide by 12' long) the consultant thought that keeping lights over by counters would still light up the whole space. It will be more than I've ever had. Will it look OK? There is a shallow pantry on the wall in the lower part of the drawing.

For UCL I'm looking at Armacost (HD) LED tape lights (2700-3000) perhaps with a diffuser purchased from Lee Valley; that will fit the 1/2" integrated light rail spot under the cabinets.

I would put the cans on a dimmer as well as the UCL on a separate dimmer with both controls to the right of entry by refrigerator.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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