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New ficus lyrata & ficus elastica...cold shock?

7 years ago

I brought home 3 new houseplants from the hardware store over the weekend. They're all looking pretty shabby now, just 2 days later. :( I'm attaching photos to see if any of you can help me with some of the problems I'm seeing - I LOVE plants in the house, but I'm admittedly an amateur at caring for them.

It was 20°F with ~10°F the day I brought them home - they were outside less than 5 minutes loading and unloading, and the drive home was about 5 minutes. I'm afraid I'm seeing signs of cold shock?

Ficus lyrata:

Top 12 inches have wilted and are now dry to the touch. My guess is these are newer leaves and were shocked by the few minutes they were in the cold? I want to prune this tree and force some back-budding and horizontal growth but from what I've read online, I think I'll wait until spring or summer to do that. Can I prune off the top 12" of wilted leaves without harm? And do I just lop it off as a nice, clean cut?

Leaves are also showing some brown that I just noticed this morning. It's more visible on the underside. Leaves were very dusty when I bought it, so I cleaned with milk & water.

Ficus elastica:

I love this plant! Sadly, almost all of the leaves are showing lighter green/brown speckling, and a few have started to curl.

I'm worried I may have overwatered him - I watered all the plants just a tiny amount 2 days ago and then a "normal" watering this morning. When I walked back into the room after watering this rubber plant, the tray was full of water. I dumped it out so it wouldn't be sitting in water - could I have awakened some dormant fungus or is there some problem with the root? Or more cold shock?

Any help would be SO appreciated. I'm planning to go buy some clay pots today to repot them (I've never repotted plants!) out of their original plastic ones.

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