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My neighbor is walking his dog to poop in my yard

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

I have a neighbor who seems to be "marking territory" outside my house. He throws trash in my trash cans, recyclables in my recycle bin, he puts his garbage out in front of my house. I'm not the only neighbor he's done this with; in the fall he rakes his leaves in front of the house across the street from him.

When my husband was alive, he didn't mess with us. But now that my husband died, he's like a dog marking territory. His wife left him and he's a very angry guy who has at least one gun in his house. Recently he got a dog -- a fairly large one from what I'm told. I have never seen this dog, but I hear the dog howling in his house all day.

Recently I saw poop in my yard. At first I thought it might be construction dirt, but there is a lot of it and more than one pile. It snowed last night, and this morning there is more poop. It is always in the same spot next to my driveway right by the driver's side door. It's as if he's bringing the dog to where he's sure I'll see it.

I can't be certain that it's him, because I've never seen this dog. But there are other dog owners on the block and ever since I put a "Poop Happens....please scoop" sign in front of my house, no one let their dogs poop by my house (until the sign was stolen last year).

I am afraid of this situation escalating. As I said, he is a very angry guy. I frequently hear him yelling at his kids and this poor dog howls all day long. He is a bully and I am alone and I'm afraid of what he might do. What should I do under these circumstances to stop this? Right now I have 18" of snow on my grass strip so putting a sign up isn't really feasible. I'm just afraid of him doing something crazy like shooting me if I call the local police.

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