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Golden Celebration: Please confirm ID

7 years ago

I recently bought a Golden Celebration for a small arch in our front garden. It was only when I arrived home that I realized the specific plant I bought did not have a tag on it (it was one of only two roses left and I took the better looking plant). I decided to plant it in any way as I bought it from a reputable rose nursery where I buy most of my roses from. Well, the first buds opened and they were a light yellow / whitish yellow colour and not the golden yellow that I expected. The plant did have some light green chlorosis on some of the leaves before planting and we had two weeks with heat wave conditions as the buds opened so any of the above / the fact that it is still a very young plant might have had an effect on the colour. I would just like to confirm that I indeed got Golden Celebration and not Graham Thomas (which is situated next to it in the nursery) so that I can exchange it in time if need be. Can anyone please confirm the ID?

Thank you very much in advance!

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