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Sliding Door/Hinged Patio Door? (etc)

Carrie B
7 years ago

This is my first post here, though I've been spending lots of time on the Kitchen forum. I'm planning a kitchen remodel that will involve moving/adding windows & doors.

The kitchen will be a wide galley at the back of my city row home. My current plan is to have a sliding glass door out to the garden at the end of the galley. The door will be used very, very frequently - I spend lots of time going in & out to the garden. I don't have AC, will want screen doors, and, when the weather is nice (and even if it is very hot) the doors will be open most of the time that I am home during the day.

I am ambivalent about sliding doors because my experience with them is that they're often sticky, heavy, and otherwise tricky for frequent use. I don't know if that's because I've only experienced cheap ones.

I saw hinged patio doors at the Anderson website and thought that might be a decent alternative.

So... thoughts? Any other information that would be useful?

-Sliding glass vs. hinged patio? What should I consider here?

-Are sliders always/often a pain for one reason or the other?

-What else should I be thinking about here?

Many thanks, Carrie, in south Philadelphia

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