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How I benefited from HVX

I stopped deadheading scapes with clippers because of the danger of transmitting HVX from one hosta to another. To my surprise and delight, leaving the scapes and pods over winter resulted in seedlings germinating in my hosta beds...many of them.. green ones, blue ones, yellow ones, rippled ones.

My hosta beds are under spruce, pine and maple trees. My hostas compete for nutrients with tree roots. It's my hope that because my seedlings battle with adverse conditions to germinate that they are in some way more hardy.

These are second year blue seedlings that grew in the vacinity of Salute, Blue Dimples and Blue Mouse Ears. I moved them beside Super Sagae

Yellow seedlings moved in front of Krossa Regal and Wide Brim

A light green seedling that replaces Pandora's Box that was being swalloed by its neighbours

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