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Tamara-- post to FAQs all these questions? AND, another Q.

8 years ago


You seem to be on the kitchen forum. So trying to catch you here, but I visit several.

1) Can we instead post all of these FAQs to the FAQs section? I couldn't see a way to post there. And, it was mostly populated with old posts of Buehl's (good ones, but still, some aren't really relevant in this new forum, I think).

2) I am getting emailed "updates" from Houzz for "discussions" I've participated on, but did not mark in GW to have email updates sent. Where do I update that preference. I cannot be emailed 200 times a day every time someone posts to something I commented on.

3) I used to be able to hop around on GW from forum to forum in a logical manner. For example: Buying/selling --> Build --> Remodeling --> Kitchens --> Bahts --> plumbing --> HVAC --> Home Repair, etc...

Now, for some of the forums, I can still do this, but there does not appear to be any "related forums" links for remodeling, and so I cannot easily get from Build to Kitchens, for example. Can we get the GW quick links back for forum hopping?

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