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Unusual Kitchen Layout, Need Advice on Counter Height

7 years ago

Hello all! First time poster here. I'm so glad to have come across this forum, there is a wealth of knowledge and knowledgeable folks here that I know will be helpful throughout our whole home remodel.

Today we are tackling the kitchen. Due to the structural and existing layout constraints, we ended up with a bit of an usual kitchen design. It's pretty much the only layout we can have. I love it but there is one thing I'm not sure about - the heights of the countertops in our peninsulas.

We will have two peninsulas - one connected to the "main" kitchen and then one "bar" peninsula, which will serve as the bar/entertaining area. Problem with the bar area is that it's not necessarily in an area where people would naturally gather.

So our contractor and designer suggested doing a dual height counter top on both peninsulas, and that people would naturally gather near places that had a dual raised level countertop as opposed to a single level countertop. I, however, love the idea of a single level countertop for a large, interruped prep/baking space, kids doing homework and that sort of thing.

Looking at the designs I have provided, what do you all think? Dual level countertop or single level countertop?

Another quick question - do the two cabinets placed on different walls on the bar area (4th picture) look odd to you? The bar area opens to both the foyer and the TV/family room. (And just for reference, the peninsula connected to the kitchen opens to the breakfast nook area).

Thanks for any and all thoughts you all may have on this. Wouldn't mind any comments about kitchen layout in general too. I'm probably posting this way too late in the game, as we are going to make cabinet selections this afternoon but I just found you all this morning!





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