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Meiwa kumquat: 2 questions?

9 years ago

I have 4 kumquat trees, the Meiwa is getting discolored leaves, I thought this might be some type of nutrient deficiency? The other 3 trees are fine. Any thoughts?

This is a young Meiwa, probably 2 years, and until recently it had 5 kumquats on it (probably too young, but I couldn't bring myself to take them off even though I know better). Wondered if that taxed the nutrition?

Also, all of my trees are in pots kept indoors. To water the trees I plunge them in a large bucket of water treated with vinegar (to approx pH 6.5), Foliage Pro at 1/2 tsp per gallon, and Pro-tekt at 1/4 tsp per gallon. The 1:1:1 soil also contains Osmocote Plus (it contains minors). I leave the pot in the bucket of water for about 4 minutes and then let it drain. I want to make sure that the bark and fired clay are moistened and not rejecting the water from being overly-dry, but I don't want to drown the trees either? Been doing it this way about 6 months. Is this OK, or too long? Can I leave them a minute or 2 longer, do you think?

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