Pre-construction planning for my new SQ - any advice?

6 years ago

So, at long last, tear-out of my old laundry begins next week, and I will be sending my 18-year old Kenmores to the garage. My new Speed Queen ATE50 one-piece front loader W/D is ready for delivery. The contractor is going to bump back into a wall to route a spanking new dryer vent straight up into the attic (the existing one is convoluted) and upgrade all my plumbing behind.

Any advice on getting the very best bits and pieces? He says my current water connections are cheap builder grade so I told him to buy the very best. Shut-offs, ducts, etc. I do not want to end up with plumbing or electrical issues, and I hope never to have to pull that tall thing out once it goes in. He is going to make the back side of the unit partially accessible via a wall panel he's cutting into the hall closet, and I've asked him to install an extra dryer vent clean out point either above the dryer behind a fake door, or up in the attic.

I also considered a dryer booster fan in the attic to push the air and maybe cut down on drying time. If anyone has used one, I would love to know if you thought it worthwhile.

Thanks, all.

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