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Can Flu test be wrong?

7 years ago

My DS (11 years old) was at school yesterday and the school took his temperature and it was 99.4-so they called me to pick him up. He has had a runny nose and coughing the starting the day before that. No aches, pains, sore throat, only still runny nose and he is coughing up phlegm (I know, yuck!) His temperature hasn't gotten over 99.0 (and hasn't gotten over 99.4 at all) since he's been home from doctor yesterday, which he tested positive for Flu A.

I am just wondering if the tests can be wrong-he does not act like he has the flu at all-he eats and drinks and runs around the house bouncing a basketball. Weird! I am so glad, but, just wondered if they could be wrong. Of course, I kept him home from school today, but this is not what I feared from him coming down with the flu. He did get a flu shot back in September.

The dr prescribed Tamiflu but he threw it up twice because he said it tastes so bad-so we are just skipping it-took him 20 mins to down it last night with a big fight. He normally has no aversion to taking medicine-so it must be bad! It didn't smell bad to me though.

Anyway, this seems nothing more than a common cold and he's outside right now playing basketball!

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