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Garden Art Sculpture

8 years ago

Hello! It's my first time here and I have no experience with gardens/plants so I need some horticultural advice.

(Sorry in advance for lack of appropriate terminology)

I'm planning create a suspended sculpture the is covered in plants/flowers (small bushy types that flower close to the soil).
The idea is to have the structure (imagine a sphere) packed with soil on the inside with the plants growing through to the outside.

My initial thought was to created it from chicken wire, cut the structure in half, fill each half with soil and close each half with a weed mat to contain the soil; after that I'd mend the halves back together - the chicken wire would allow the plants to grow, water to get in and come out through the bottom and allow for air. Except one layer of easily bendable chicken wire would be too weak to hold the soil as I plan to make it quite large.

My question was whether anyone knows of a hard, supportive but bendable material I could do this with?

Any tips would be great, thanks!

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