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Interesting note on Sweet Cherries in North Texas

9 years ago

I was listening to a fruit tree expert from Texas A&M on a podcast and he was asked a question about Sweet Cherries in North Texas. He said that we definitely get enough cold that the cold is not what gets them. He said it is the heat that happens after the cold that gets them. They have a very short heat requirement. It is cold they are dormant, it warms up the sap starts moving, it gets cold again and the south side of the cherry tree freezes. He suggested white washing the cherry tree to help protect it from the sun that stimulates the growth that causes it to freeze.

He also said Nectarines are not good for North Texas because of the wind. He said they taste great, they just end up getting scarred from the wind and look scaley. They are not like the stuff that comes from the "Garden In Heaven" called California.

Just thought this was interesting information about North Texas.

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