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Light for breakfast nook - what color?

8 years ago

We're almost done with our kitchen and I just scored a great deal on what I believe is a knockoff of an Oly Studio Meri Drum chandelier. It was advertised on craigslist as an actual Oly, but when I looked at it person I noticed slight differences (chain different, no Oly name on it, some slightly defective areas). Nonetheless, I bought it because 1) I love the Meri chandelier, and 2) for $300 (vs $3200 for Oly brand new) it was a major score!

I'm going to paint it white like the real Oly Meri (picture attached). The white in my house is Dunn Edwards White Heat, which is a creamy white, not stark. Should I paint the chandelier in White Heat so I don't have contrasting whites in the kitchen, or should I go with a brighter white to better match the real Oly Meri? If the latter, any suggestions on colors?

And flat paint or low sheen or ??

Thanks in advance.

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