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Undermount sink with Butcher Block counters?

9 years ago

I am wondering if anyone has any direct expererience with this. I see a lot of undermount sinks online with wood counters, but my father in law, a commercial cabinet maker, is telling me this is a disaster waiting to happen because of the whole problematic relationship of wood and water. I had decided if we did the BB, we would go the urethane sealer route instead of mineral oil. Full disclaimer here- I am not a super housekeeper, and am not right on top of every drip or splash that might happen in the kitchen. My FIL's company sprays lacquer on their fixtures, so I could even have them apply a heavy duty type sealer to the wood. Even with the heavy duty sealer, is wood just a bad option for someone who is not an obsessive cleaner?

I am looking for the least expensive countertop solution I can find, and thought I had found it with the ikea Butcher block options. My FIL is trying to steer me to a product like Corian, which I could get through his business at a discount, but I'm not crazy about any of the samples I've seen so far

Lastly, is there any other inexpensive option out there? Inexpensive meaning something on par with the ikea BB pricing. I just really have my heart set on an undermount sink.

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