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Please, please, please review our new build kitchen!

9 years ago

We have already started construction and just cannot finalize our kitchen layout. This is the best layout we have come up with so far, but it does leave 10 feet between the sink and range. I am thinking with the way I work (wash everything, layout out island, then move everything to range), this may not be so terrible. Any feedback would be GREATLY appreciated!

I posted the entire floor plan (as well as the close up of the kitchen) so you can see how the hallway/butlers pantry will be in proximity to the kitchen. Also, you can see where the kitchen appliances were re-arranged with power point. Sorry! They are to scale.

A few notes:
As of right now, there is an 18" single cabinet door, full height pantry to the right of the fridge. They had planned to build it in with the fridge to make it look kind of like one unit. I was thinking about making that at least 24" inches and shifting everything down on that wall (so the row of cabinets would be 6" longer).

We had planned on installing a built-in microwave in an upper cabinet. See picture below for similar microwave. Would this be okay to the immediate left of the fridge?

And a few details that might help:
We will have a standard 30" range with cabinet style hood above, counter depth fridge, and there is a dishwasher to the right of the sink. There is also a pull out trash bin to the left of the sink (on the very end of the row of cabinets). We will put three barstool on the long end, and one of the short end of the island. The sink will be bumped out a bit.

As far as style goes, alabaster white inset cabinets with lightly distressed brass hardware. Possibly doing a few glass front cabinets above sink to help make it a focal point.

Any feedback, good or bad, would be WONDERFUL! We have a very short period of time to get this nailed down, and I just cannot wrap my head around it.

Happy Holidays!

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