LG Viatera Rococo for Countertops

6 years ago

I went to the stone yard yesterday. I wanted to look at their Danby Marbles and to see Ceasarstone London Grey and Frosty Carina in person in slab format. The Ceasarstone had been recommended to me by my kitchen designer as the best faux marble she had seen to date.

I didn't like the Ceasarstone products at all. I found them either too grey or bland. I think I am attracted to stronger movement. So, when I saw them in slab form, I eliminated them.

While waiting I saw the LG Viatera display. The sales lady pointed out the LG Viatera display. She thought I might like to see them as slabs, too. I liked the Minuet, but I really liked the Rococo. The Minuet was nice, but didn't have a lot of movement. The Rococo on the other hand had a lot of movement.

I can't find any mention of the Rococo on GW. I took a picture of the sample next to my cabinet color. For contrast, the picture is taken on a very used marble countertop at the shop. I liked it even more in the slab form. Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture as a slab because the slab was covered in a film with red labeling all over it.

I loved the Danby Montclair, but I still hesitate to take the plunge. The slabs that I saw had such sharp definition in the veins. I work my counters hard. I was going to go with absolute black, but I've changed my flooring to natural black slate tile and I don't want to go with dark counters.

My flooring lady, who also is a GC, said that LG Viatera was a little difficult to get. If I wanted it I should order it well in advance. It's manufactured in North Georgia, just up the road from me.

Does anyone have any experience with the LG Viatera products? Has anyone installed the Rococo?

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