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Black Cosmic granite countertop issues - help needed

9 years ago

Newly (2 weeks) installed cosmic black granite countertop in kitchen (62 sqf). It turns out to be a nightmare!!!

The very first day I noticed that there are a lot of dull spots - all over the countertop, compared to the true black and white strips in the stone. The countertop looks dirty under day light for these spots. I can see fissures around these spots which make them even stand out.

After a few days majority of the countertop around the sink became dull with more fissures. What is more I found a couple of quarter size chips with 1/16 inch in depth.

I noticed that all these problem areas are resin filled.

Any suggestion on how to fix the problem? Your help is needed (the fabricator even did not response to my question - no winner here. Detailed post will be followed).

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