Help choosing between 2 layouts please!

6 years ago

So we are a bit further on with the architect etc. We have retained our cabinet company (custom) and are working with kitchen designer now. We are down to 2 layouts. Which would you choose? Plan 1 is more of an open concept, I feel it gives better flow with living room etc, I also like that my main orientation, prepping etc is toward all the action. downside would be main sink in island, which i have always been against ANY sink in the island, but I'm starting to get over it, plus it's more like a continent so I'm hoping all the reasons i dont like sinks in islands does not apply!

Plan 2 is nice, more of a standard L with island. my likes: no sink in island. my dislikes: orientation is slightly against the action (slightly), and having to walk further to pool area. ((we are going to have it as a pool table area, but i would not want a future buyer who would like it as a dining room to think it was inconvenient to access the dining room)) --although we have NO intention of moving, ever.

So thoughts?? How do they look???? Which would you choose?



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