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Need help with tile choices please (Master bath)

8 years ago

Does anyone else change their mind every 8 minutes? I've gotten to the point where I'm no longer excited about the master bath remodel because I can't make a decision.

I really like the idea of dark floors with dark grout. I've used the same charcoal tile in my laundry room and love it so I know I want dark floors in the bathroom. My question is, if I use the light green tile in the shower, will the dark charcoal tile match the green or is it too dark? I found a light tile for the shower but I don't know if I like the light tile with the green glass tile.

Background -
I bought the green "ming" glass mosaic tile over a year ago (mistake #1) because I thought I would buy stuff along the way to help pay for overall costs. Now I'm ready for the bathroom remodel and I just realized the glass tile requires a light grout (mistake #2/sort of). I'm scared of white grout - no lie but I also told myself tough *** use what you bought because I ordered the tile from overstock and shipping back 7 cases that weigh 34 pounds each isn't cheap. I'm already rambling.. sorry.

I'll post pics of my shower and the tiles. I envision the green glass tile running vertically down the back wall of the shower. I'm wondering if I should do whitish tile on the sides of the shower or if I can pull off the dark charcoal on the shower walls (same stuff that will be on the floor). Just FYI - the green tile does have dark specs here and there so sometimes I think I can pull off the dark tile. IDK.. please help.

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